You already won - Market Monday LITE (6/29)

Market Monday for June 29th, 2020

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Dear Bankless Nation,

I played my share of video games in my younger years. I would compete on everything: most wins, highest score, strongest character, best items, fastest time.

One thing I learned—no matter what game I competed in or how good I got there was always a 12-year old kid somewhere out there who could school me.

Such is the nature of global competition.

There’s always someone better.

Trying to earn top score in every game I played was exhausting.

So I stopped. I focused on the long-term game. I started having fun again.

DeFi guilt

I was talking to a friend the other day. He’s listens to the podcast. He reads the newsletter. He’s on the journey.

“So how much of this yield farming stuff are you doing?” he asked.

“Honestly—a decent amount—but not as much as I should be” I found myself saying. Not as much as I should be. That’s weird…was I feeling guilty? Like I’m the Bankless Guy and I should be tethered my screen 24/7 always farming all the hottest opportunities?

He must have detected it.

“I mean it’s not like you have to do everything. The important thing is you’re here and if this crypto thing pans out you’ve already won right?”


He was right.

I was exhausting myself competing for high score again—trying to win at everything.

But I didn’t have to win every game. I didn’t have to beat the 12-year old kid.

Because owning ETH and BTC in 2020 is already winning.

If you’re reading this you’ve already won.

Every day a new crypto asset moons. A new yield farming opportunity surfaces. Someone gets lucky and makes a fortune.

You end the week with a list of opportunities you missed.

Even when you win you feel like you lost.

You feel like everyone’s getting hilariously rich and you’re not.

My message is stop.

Stop with the FOMO.

Stop checking prices non-stop.

Stop exhausting yourself on all the mini-games.

Stop competing against the 12-year old kid who’s going to beat you.

You don’t have to capture every opportunity. You don’t have to win every game.

If you own crypto money assets, if you’re leveling up a bit each week, if you’re here with us on the journey—be content. Because you already won.

You own shares in the world’s future money system.

You’ll have way more fun playing all the DeFi mini-games you stop obsessing about high score.


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Market numbers 📊

  • ETH drops -8.4% to $224 from $243 last Monday

  • BTC cools down by -6.4% to $9,117 from $9,533 last Monday

  • DAI stability fee increases to 0.25% with savings rate steady at 0%

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Yield Farming 🌾

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Governing DeFi



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