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There’s a revolution in the world of money. Ethereum, Bitcoin, crypto, open finance, DeFi—a bankless revolution. And you want part of it.

But how do you get started?

How do you get better?

How do you front-run the opportunity?

You need a guide. A helper. An opinion. A companion for the journey.

Welcome to the Bankless newsletter program.

The ultimate guide to open finance

This program blends money and tech insight to help you level up your open finance game every single week.

It features:

  • 3 actionable newsletters every week

  • Practical tactics to level-up your crypto money skills

  • Long-term strategies to help you maximize returns & avoid pitfalls

It’s written in plain-speak. It’s written to help you become an expert at using your money in crypto banks and money protocols to generate returns.

There’s a consistent schedule:

  1. (Mondays) A rundown of open finance opportunities to capture

  2. (Tuesdays) A new tactic to learn and implement with actions steps

  3. (Thursdays) A thought piece for strategy calibration

This is a program to improve your ability to hold, lend, borrow, earn, spend, invest, and stake your money in this new economy.

Leveling up at warp speed

Full subscribers also get:

  • Inner Circle access. The Inner Circle is our place to compare notes and talk about the program. It’s our water cooler. It’s currently hosted as an invite-only chat server on Discord—get access when you subscribe.

  • Deal sheet. A list of the best crypto deals continuously updated & only available to Bankless members. The Deal Sheet is updated on a regular basis with the best deals on crypto products that I’m able to negotiate for us.

  • Bonus content. Including AMAs with money protocols, exclusive interviews with protocol founders, and release notes for new crypto projects.

How much does it cost?

$12 a month.

Less than a Netflix subscription.

This is the investment I wish I had access to when I started. In crypto, the right tax tip can save you thousands. A better lending opportunity can make you an extra 5% annual. This may one of the best investments you make.

Access to the Inner Circle (Bonus)

I’ve also launched a resource called the Bankless Inner Circle to help you level-up your open finance skills at warp speed. It complements & supplements the program.

Our weekly training schedule keeps us moving, but the Inner Circle is our place to compare notes. Where we gather and talk about the program. Our water cooler.

The Inner Circle is currently hosted as an invite-only chat server on Discord.

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Who’s the author?

I’m Ryan Sean Adams, a crypto Investor at Mythos, an open finance maximalist, a lover of Ethereum and Bitcoin, and a dreamer of a world where individuals have greater money sovereignty and need fewer banks. My goal is to help bring a billion people to open finance over the next two decades.

Why the name?

Our financial world today is run by analog banks. Crypto money provides an alternative. The option of self-sovereign money & banking.


  • Instead of central bank money we have cryptocurrencies

  • Instead of commercial banks we have money protocols

In a world where private keys act as money and code makes that money programmable, the entire money system changes.

So Bankless is about banking less. And less banking. And less dependance on banks.

I believe our future is Bankless.

What are you waiting for?